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MDT V10.07

Mobile Data Terminal

Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) is a device used in public transportation vehicles, taxis, railway transportation fleets, military logistics, fishing fleets, and emergency vehicles to communicate with one or more dispatch offices. In addition to the mentioned applications, it is used to display information related to vehicle tasks, actions, such as route, movement and safety information.


Product features:

  • Ability to establish communication with radio networks under the MAP27 protocol.

  • The possibility of sending and receiving messages between the center and the vehicle in two ways

  • Ability to dial the previous and next stations and the dispatcher, which may vary based on the vehicle's location.

  • Radio conversation recording capability.

  • Voice-activated recording (VOX) functionality.

  • Storage of conversation data, including voice, call duration, date, caller number, etc, on SD memory card

  • Storage of position, time, and moving speed data within the GPS coverage area, every 10 seconds, on the SD memory.

  • GPS coverage and lack of coverage notification capability.

  • Device time synchronization with GPS time if GPS data is valid.

  • Sending automatic notification to the central station of GPS disconnection, SD memory failure, and battery issues.

Technical Specifications:

  • 32-bit ARM microcontroller processor.
  • Ability to connect to a power supply of 9V to 40V DC.
  • 7-inch color touchscreen LCD display.
  • Backlight with device light adjustment.
  • 16MB SDRAM.
  • 2GB SD memory.
  • RS232, RS485, USB interfaces.
  • GPS module and antenna.
  • Device programming capability using Jtag and RS485.
  • RS232 port for radio connectivity.
  • 16Mbit SPI Serial Flash.
  • Buzzer.
  • 3V replaceable battery.
  • RTC (Real-Time Clock) with internal battery and separate crystal.